Data, Science and People
for the Planet

Our expertise is designing and building with AI and earth data. We build technology to create data, apply science, influence, guide and measure effective actions on the most pressing climate and conservation issues of our times.

Our work is open and collaborative with researchers, policy makers, technologists and communicators. We focus on sustainable management of water, food, emissions, deforestation, biodiversity, and other key environmental areas.

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Our team

Our team comes with a wealth of experience from institutions like the Nature Conservancy, National Geographic, Mapbox, Planet, Google X, and the White House. Together, we're transforming our knowledge into action to maximize our individual and collective impact for a better and more healthy world.

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Ben Strong

Science and Machine Learning Lead

Cameron Kruse

Creative Technologist

Christina Ospina

Climate + Agriculture Lead

Dan McCarey

UI/UX Engineer

Daniel Siegel

Lead Geospatial Scientist

Dean D'Ambrosi

Finance Lead

Edward Boyda

Data Scientist

Glen Low

Co-Founder / Strategy Lead

Hutch Ingold

Keith Arnold

President & COO

Kwin Keuter

Geospatial Software + Data Engineer

Mikel Maron

Product Lead

Mikey Abela

Product Engineer

Steve McCormick

Co-Founder & CEO

Tenzing Wangmo

Operations Manager

Board of Directors

Peter Kareiva

Craig McCaw

Suz Mac Cormac

Our mission

The mission of Earth Genome is to accelerate the sustainable management of natural resources by equipping decision-makers with actionable tools derived from environmental data, conservation science, and earth observation.

Our values

What we do matters, and how we do it is how we will transform the planet. We pursue the profound aspiration of our mission with a devotion to integrity in its fullness: honesty, transparency,  dependability, respect, fairness, and a high standard of professionalism. Integrity is the foundation of all our values.

The Unknown

We embrace the unknown, seeking new knowledge, new ideas, and new solutions.


We journey  into the unknown with an  exploratory zeal, comfortable with finding the right path through trial and error, and utilizing the diverse  backgrounds of our team.


We explore the unknown with speed, driven by the urgency of our mission, taking calculated risks, adapting on the fly, continuously improving.


We are driven by a relentless desire to change outdated thinking, obsolete practices, and stale conventions.


We pursue our mission with joy, deriving fulfillment from contributing to a sustainable future.

Open positions

While we currently do not have any open positions, we're always on the lookout for talent that share our Values and have an unwavering commitment to our Mission. If you're interested in joining out team, please email us your "why" and resume/CV to

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