The World is excited about how the Earth Genome can transform decision making

GIST was one of the highlights of the WBCSD Paris Council meetingWe’re excited for Earth Genome to be our tool builder for all future water apps.”

The work has been excellent. We’re looking forward to testing the tool because we believe there is not only value in doing this for nature and society, but it aligns with the Dow 2025 $1B goal on valuing nature.”

“This is the first honest-to-god tool I’ve seen that elegantly combines
geospatial data with financials

GIST is so valuable given the solution orientation at the watershed level.  Great complement to our work.”

“It’s impressive and unique how you have linked data to something that is really financially valuable.”



“You guys are really innovative.  Clearly at the forefront of a now emerging field we are calling Environmental Intelligence.”