Government Officials: Do you need to know

  • How to make water supplies for your city more reliable — with better quality?
  • Which federal data can help your decision making — and how to access it?
  • How agriculture in your area could be optimized to increase groundwater storage for farming and municipalities?
  • Or the best paths forward to grapple with the other risks of environmental change and uncertainty?

The Earth Genome Can Give You the answers

As a government leader, you're looking for solutions for the impacts of climate change, water scarcity and other environmental shifts on your communities and constituents.

The Earth Genome team can provide you with a full range of those solutions — not just risk analyses, but insights with unprecedented accuracy and utility for your biggest planning.

We have engaged with public agencies and governments to transform massive, uncoordinated, unused datasets into coherent, meaningful, accessible information — enabling scenario-based insights and decision-making.

Why Our Decision-support tools are best-in-class

Screenshot of GIST interface.

Screenshot of GIST interface.

Earth Genome tools are your best option for provisioning big environmental data because of what goes into them and how we collaborate with you to build them.

Our tools feature:

  • A platform that processes and links massive datasets, including from NOAA, USGS, NASA, EPA and others;
  • World-class science applied to interpret the data — including new science invented for the tools;
  • Visualization that puts the results into an easy-to-use, map-based interface provisioning data in real-time;
  • End-user specified criteria and insights, including precise financial implications (such as cost/benefits, internal rate of return, payback period, and best potential restoration sites near population centers)
  • PDF outputs that make it easy for your non-technical users to quickly understand the insights and compare their capital expenditures to other investments.


Our process is fundamentally collaborative. We don’t build tools and then ask you to retrofit them to your challenges. We engage with your team from the beginning to understand the questions you want answered and the data, science, inputs and outputs you need to get those answers.

Learn more about the Green Infrastructure Support Tool (GIST) we co-created with seven global corporations — an achievement that prompted World Business Council Sustainable Development President Peter Bakker to say he wants The Earth Genome to build all of WBCSD’s future water apps.

Then contact us to find out how The Earth Genome can help you reach better outcomes on a rapidly changing planet.