On-Demand information about Surface Water

Near real-time information about surface water is useful for many decision support tools.  Alone, the data stream is not particularly useful, but when combined with information on, say, crop patterns or tax policy, the information on where water is now is indispensable.   The simple web application below displays the extent of surface water anywhere on the Earth, derived from annual Landsat 7 image composites.  This app is intended to illustrate the value of easy, seamless access to Earth information, which we use daily to deliver value-generating decision support tools.  To get started, follow the steps below. 

  1. Navigate to a water body of interest.
  2. Click the square in the bottom left corner.  
  3. Draw a bounding box around your area of interest.
  4. Drag the slider to examine the extent for any year between 1999-2012

As  a starter location, consider Washoe Lake, Nevada, which has been subject to periodic drought since 2000.  

On-DemanD Information about Crops

Similar to the surface water above, we have built our own, internal Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to interact with US Federal Government servers that host information on what is being grown in the United States.  The application is similar: navigate to an area of interest within the United States, draw a bounding box, and set the year.  The result represents the top two land cover types, focusing on crop type.  The starter location is in the Central Valley, California, just South of Merced.  Once again, this information is not especially useful in isolation, but brings tremendous value to assembled decision support tools.