Your partner for decision support for natural resource risks and opportunities.

Earth Genome’s approach can give business managers “a very practical way to screen for opportunities and run different cost benefit scenarios.”
— Joppe Cramwinckel, director of water for the World Business Council for Sustainable Development

To make the best decisions on a planet of accelerating change and increasing environmental risk, you need the insights big environmental data can provide.

The Earth Genome's suite of tools and services provide actionable insights from big environmental data — with pinpoint relevance to your planning and bottom line.  We work with corporate leaders, government officials and investors to localize and customize to ensure you have the right functionality to make the decisions you face. 

Your challenges. Our solutions.

We offer a suite of water solution tools and a satellite imagery platform.

  • Optimizing site selection

  • Maximizing supply chain resilience

  • evaluating investments and securing financing

  • Assessing local basin health

  • Increasing Water security

  • Improving water quality

  • optimizing green and grey infrastructure portfolios

  • Improving agricultural yields in the face of climate change

GIST was one of the highlights of the WBCSD Paris Council Meeting. We’re excited for Earth Genome to be our tool builder for all future water apps.

Solutions and scenarios

The Earth Genome produces scenario-based solutions, not just another risk analysis.


Our process starts with your challenges and works with you iteratively, marshaling the data, science and visualization to give you the decision support you require.

Precise Financials

The Earth Genome expresses those solutions in precise financial terms for your felt needs, not just environmental impact.

Data, Science and Visualization

The Earth Genome team provisions and connects big data streams into a single “operating system”; analyzes that data for specific decision contexts using the best applied science across many disciplines and variables; and visualizes it through tools and apps that are user-friendly and scenario-based.


Learn how Earth Genome can help your risk mitigation and bottom line.

The work has been excellent. We are looking forward to testing the tool because we believe there is not only value in doing this for nature and socieity, but it aligns with the DOW 2025 $1B Goal on Valuing Nature.


Learn how Earth Genome can be a game-changer for your investing, planning and operations.

We see GRAT as an integral tool to employ with Groundwater Sustainability Planning to identify project and management actions. We will also use it on a real-time basis in future years to direct surplus flows for optimum recharge.
— Paul Hendrix, Tulare Irrigation District General Manager


To answer any question about the planet relevant to decision making — leading to improved decisions and better outcomes for action institutions, society and the planet at a scale beyond anything imaginable from project-based philanthropy.